Commercial IP in Nigeria.

Active IP Lawyers are experts in developing and implementing commercialization strategies. We structure, negotiate, and document a wide range of IP, licensing, and commercial agreements delivering successful outcomes to our clients.   

Our commercialisation expertise is deep and wide, drawing upon a team of highly qualified IP lawyers and associated patent and trade mark attorneys with years of experience in various fields and industries.

Our commercialization services are provided across a range of IP and commercial transactions, including various types of IP agreements, such as patent, trademark, design and other technology licensing, sales and assignments; materials transfer; research collaboration and funding; trademark co-existence agreements; IT and software agreements, including cloud, licence, and user terms, support, outsourcing, development and integration; online trading terms, website terms, and privacy policies; confidentiality agreements; consultancy agreements; manufacturing agreements; supply and purchase agreements and terms of trade; distribution agreements and reseller agreements; joint venture and teaming agreements; shareholders agreements; business sale agreements and share sale agreements.

We work closely with our clients to structure commercially advantageous business arrangements, combining legal accuracy with commercial acumen and pragmatism to create effective solutions for our clients.

Providing commercialisation services and advice with a focus on realising the full value of our clients’ intellectual property rights through successful commercial arrangements and strategies is at the core of what we do.

Active IP’s Commercial IP Services in Nigeria

IP Ownership & Licensing Agreements 

IT Agreements 

Commercial Agreements 

Confidentiality Agreements 

Data Protection 

IP Due Diligence 

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