How to register a Patent in Nigeria; Patent Registration in Nigeria

Patent Registration in Nigeria

Our patent practice covers a diverse range of industries including machine tools, 3D printers, medical devices, communication products and software.

It’s important to start working with a patent attorney at the very beginning of the innovative step to identify patent issues early. It is critical to securing patent rights, that you do not reveal your invention to anyone until you have filed your patent application.


  • We work with you to understand your invention and identify the patentable components.

    By understanding your invention, we can draft a patent specification and prepare drawings to ensure the elements of your invention are well-protected.
  • We can advise you on the best strategy for protecting your patent in Nigeria, and help you with timeframes that let you manage your IP budget.
  • Our patent filing and maintenance fees are all at single, fixed-fee rates. You can have absolute certainty of the cost.
  • Let us keep track of annual patent maintenance deadlines for you. We have a sophisticated record-keeping system and will remind you of your upcoming deadlines.
  • For many of our clients, an essential part of commercializing their patent portfolio is through licensing arrangements. We have years of experience in preparing IP license agreements and we can advise you on the best way to maximize revenue from your patent portfolio.

Getting a registered patent may be a complex legal process. Whether you are a global company or an individual entrepreneur, our patent team in Nigeria is there to guide you through this process.

Our patent team is registered in Nigeria, enabling us to serve you directly in Nigeria.

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