Registered Design Attorneys in Nigeria We are one of the leading filers of industrial designs or registered designs in Nigeria. We provide tailored advice guided by our clients' commercial needs. Our expertise spans evaluating your design and determining an appropriate scope for protection, directly filing and prosecuting design applications in Nigeria, commercialization advice, assignments and licensing, infringement and validity advice, portfolio management, searching and watching, design registration renewals, revocations, design litigation and dispute resolution. A strategic approach to registered designs in Nigeria provides a competitive edge on several fronts. In the minds of consumers a product’s ‘look’ can be even more important than functionality – it as an immediate and powerful deterrent for copycats and imitators, supplements existing patents (or those being contemplated) as part of your IP strategy, and if infringed, damages can be sort for lost sales. Furthermore, it helps to sell or license your product to earn further royalties and revenues and increases consistency of use which enhances value over time. Registered Design Attorneys in Nigeria The Active IP registered design attorneys in Nigeria are experts in securing and protecting designs for some of the world’s largest companies, ranging from engineering, appliances, homewares, and luxury fashion designers operating in all major industries, technologies, and product categories. Registered designs are a valuable part of any IP portfolio, especially since recent important changes to the design registration system in Australia with the introduction of the new Designs Act 2003. Recent decisions under the new Designs Act indicate a much broader scope of registered design protection than under the previous legislation. Industrial design registration in Nigeria provides a cost-effective instrument that can be used to quickly build the commercial value of an IP portfolio and provide effective protection for a product range. At Active IP, our design registration strategy can help you build and manage a design portfolio that significantly increases your intangible asset base and gives you the power to license or sell the rights to specific product designs or product ranges. Industrial Design Services in Nigeria Active IP registered design services in Nigeria include: General advice and strategies regarding optimizing your design portfolio. Preparation of design applications and computer-aided drawings. Filing and prosecuting design applications at the Nigerian Designs Office. Advice on licensing and assigning design registrations. Investigating the registrability of your designs and assessing the risk of infringement of existing design registrations. All other aspects of managing registered designs Nigeria wide. Find out how we can help you with registered design registration in Nigeria. Email at


我們是尼日利亞工業品外觀設計或註冊外觀設計的主要提交人之一. 我們為客戶提供量身定制的建議’ 商業需求. 我們的專長涵蓋評估您的設計並確定適當的保護範圍, 在尼日利亞直接提交和起訴外觀設計申請, 商業化建議, 作業和許可, 侵權和有效性建議, 投資組合管理, 搜索和觀看, 設計註冊續展, 撤銷, 設計訴訟和爭議解決.

尼日利亞註冊設計的戰略方法可在多個方面提供競爭優勢. 在消費者心目中,產品的“外觀”比功能甚至更重要-它是模仿者和模仿者的直接而強大的威懾力, 補充現有專利 (或正在考慮的那些) 作為您IP戰略的一部分, 如果侵權, 損失可以歸類為銷售損失. 此外, 它有助於銷售或許可您的產品,以獲得更多的特許權使用費和收入,並增加使用的一致性,從而隨著時間的推移提高價值.


尼日利亞的Active IP註冊設計律師是為一些世界上最大的公司提供保護和保護設計的專家, 從工程學到, 電器, 家居用品, 各個主要行業的奢侈品時裝設計師, 技術, 和產品類別.

註冊外觀設計是任何IP產品組合的重要組成部分, 特別是由於最近隨著新《外觀設計法》的實施,澳大利亞外觀設計註冊系統發生了重大變化 2003. 新《外觀設計法》下的最新決定表明,與以前的立法相比,註冊外觀設計保護的範圍要廣泛得多。.

尼日利亞工業品外觀設計註冊 提供具有成本效益的工具,可用於快速建立IP產品組合的商業價值並為產品範圍提供有效的保護. 在活動IP, 我們的設計註冊策略可以幫助您建立和管理設計資產組合,從而顯著增加無形資產基礎,並賦予您許可或出售特定產品設計或產品範圍的權利的權力.



  • 有關優化設計產品組合的一般建議和策略.
  • 準備設計應用程序和計算機輔助圖紙.
  • 尼日利亞外觀設計局提交和起訴外觀設計申請.
  • 有關許可和分配外觀設計註冊的建議.
  • 調查外觀設計的可註冊性,並評估侵犯現有外觀設計註冊的風險.
  • 尼日利亞範圍內管理註冊外觀設計的所有其他方面.

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